Basis: Whether you are thinking online, radio or television. Billboards, newspaper ads or flyers, it is important to take note that your brand is the most fundamental aspect of your company.

At NS Media House, we understand that branding and advertising is an extremely influential means of communicating the heart and soul of any business, product or service. Thus ensuring that an unsurpassed image of your offering is there, when the market is looking.

We are a vast media production house with services such as media relations, broadcasting, and is an agent with advertising, branding and digital marketing as our primary services to amplify the turnout for every campaign through traditional and digital media platforms.


Our service packages are categorized in 2 ways:

1. NS Media House Standard Services
2. NS Media House Premium Services

We are in the business of ideas, big ideas. Ideas that persuade, engage and change. Advertising ideas that become campaigns. Campaigns that put your business first. Because when it comes to marketing, you want your brand on top.
At NS Media House, we offer big agency talent at little agency prices without compromising on your media of choice or budget. We pride ourselves in providing but no limited to broadcasting, advertising, web design & development, digital & streaming solutions and design services.