Mobile Broadcasting

Whether its a special even or a normal outside broadcast, we can help you!

Reach masses through available radio stations in the region and in SA!

Outside broadcasting (OB) is the electronic field production (EFP) of  radio programmes (typically to cover news and sports or live events) from a mobile remote broadcast  studio. Professional Audio signals come into the production systems for processing, recording and transmission.

Radio combined with other media forms to increase not only campaign effectiveness but also provides a wealth of measurability, and new technologies that ensure that you get what you booked and that you pay for what you got in terms of exposure.


1. Advertising
2. Provincial/National Coverage
3. Press Coverage

Also known as “Reason to be outdoors” this mobile facility comes in the form of a mobile radio studio, mostly for conducting outside broadcasts. This facility has a Live Outside Content Signal (LOCS) that is send from anywhere in South Africa directly to traditional radio stations. This service uses Digital Broadcasting Systems (DBS) the most advance technology and affordable way of bringing radio to people.

We go an extra mile in providing this service affordably.

Mobile Broadcasting


Turn-out listenership guaranteed! We will help you with all the production of promotional material prior the broadcast event!


Whether its a campaign, special event or public service announcement, it is guaranteed that your broadcast will go as far as you wish, provincially or nationally!

Press Coverage

To further reach the masses, a full story will be published on the regional newspapers to assure most people are aware of your reason for broadcast.