Media Conferences/PR

Achieve Greatness - Find out how we can organize Press Conferences for special announcements!

All major media platforms available in KZN!

Special packages of special press briefing events where rather than holding a conference after an event to field questions about the event that has recently transpired, a conference is held for the sole purpose of making news makers available to the media for general questions and photographs often before an event or series of events occur.

NS Media House is a PR Agent and has been working since 2010. You will find all you need to break the region and national news. Whether it's a special public announcement, briefing towards a developing event or any sort of need that requires news personnel presence!

Press Briefing


Get your special announcement/story published on any newspaper in the region the following day!

FM Radio

Your content will break the news on any local radio bulletin, and further recording will be done for the whole story!


Your briefing includes all or any regional or national television news reporters. You will break the news, Live!